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    Start-up Stage

    Since the establishment, the company entered the sheet metal industry. In the initial period, Huaya mainly relied on the primary processing equipments such as artificial and ordinary punches and drilling machines, provide customers of communications industry with ow-end sheet metal products.


    Stage of First Technological Transformation

    Since 2002, with the initial capital accumulation, Huaya carried out the first technological transformation, and were equipped with advanced equipment in the industry, such as CNC punch, CNC bending machine, laser cutting machine, etc. After the technical transformation, Huaya was able to produce more sophisticated products, with product applications extended to the semiconductor equipment, transmission and distribution equipment, air purification equipment, food mechanical equipment, and began to enter the supply field for the European and American manufacturers.


    Stage of Second Technology Upgrade

    In 2007, Huaya grasped the market trend, carried out the second technology upgrade, and set up modern manufacturing plant for production expansion, introduced in various high-end imported equipments such as welding robots, pentahedron processing equipment, and upgraded the management system, integrated the intelligent materials system and ERP management system, with products applied in various fields including semiconductor equipment, rail transportation, high-end medical equipment, mechanical equipment, transmission and distribution equipment, and new energy, customers mainly were leading domestic manufacturing enterprises and large-scale international manufacturers.


    Stage of Intelligent Production Reform

    Since 2017, Huaya carried out the third technology upgrade, further strengthened the welding, and spraying capacity, and made a comprehensive intelligent production transformation. We introduced in professional team and set up technology centers, to further enhance the level of precision production. Huaya product applications were further expanded to the robot and aviation industry, and we continue to provide high-end customers with high, excellent, sophisticated products.



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