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Since the establishment, after years of accumulation in product design and manufacturing technology research and development, Huaya Company has become a well-known domestic one-stop service provider of precision metal manufacturing.

Huaya Company is a high-tech enterprise and innovative enterprise in Jiangsu Province, equipped with two advanced R & D institutions: Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center, Jiangsu Welding Automation Engineering Research Center, as well as an excellent R & D team. The company's technical center has an experienced R & D design team, engaged in product structure design, manufacturing process development and improvement of production process design and optimization. We continue to develop new manufacturing solution, so as to ensure product development capabilities and quality, and to lay a solid foundation for the company's development. The company technology center sets up a technological optimization group, to constantly carry out production process optimization and technique innovation according to different product requirements and features. The company obtains three invention patents, 33 patents for utility models and many kinds of technological innovations, which lay a good foundation for product development and manufacturing.

With adoption of SolidWoks and other three-dimensional computer development and design software instead of the traditional two-dimensional design, and application of synchronous hybrid modeling technology, the company set up a unified design data platform. Interconnection between each module is realized, so it’s able to have the changes of three-dimensional model embodied in the two-dimensional model, finite element analysis and CNC machining programs. Concurrent engineering design environment makes the design cycle greatly shortened, and effectively improves the design accuracy.





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