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Suzhou Huaya Intelligence Technology Co., a scientific and technological innovation enterprise integrated with product research and development, sheet metal processing, machining operation, stamping, automatic welding, precision welding, surface treatment and OEM assembly. The company is equipped with six major workshops, including rapid sample R & D and production workshop, CNC workshop, metalworking machinery processing workshop, welding workshop, surface treatment workshop and assembly workshop, as well as imported laser cutting, CNC punch, automatic multilateral bending, CNC machining center, robot welding and automatic surface treatment coating production lines, standardized assembly line. We provide customers both at home and abroad with one-stop production and customized processing services.

With intelligent sheet metal flexible production technology, maintenance and update of completion information of work orders based on ERP data base system, we are able to keep synchronization of completion status and production information, which provides a powerful information assurance for effective plan implementation and adjustment. With inter-combination and integration of punching shear, bending, and riveting by sheet metal flexible production technology, as well as various kinds of imported intelligent production equipments and robots, Huaya Company achieves intelligent flexible production of sheet metal processing.


 Advantages of intelligent sheet metal flexible production;

 Intelligent storage

 Application of sheet metal flexible processing system automated warehouse, real-time monitoring of main raw material inventory information and production planning, optimal arrangement of purchase plan;

 CNC processing program

 Production process with automatic setting and sheet metal production according to work orders;

 Automatic blanking

 Application of sheet metal flexible processing system automated warehouse, on-demand automatic blanking, combined operation with laser cutting and sheet-metal shears;

 Flexible bending

(1)Compared with ordinary bending, flexible bending is available for simultaneous bilateral or quadrilateral bending. Bending in the symmetrical position achieves high bending accuracy;
Airfoil bending helps to avoid mould loss;
Adoption of sheet metal software, all bending procedures are programmable, and multi-step bending is available;
Flexible bending machine can be integrated into the roll leveling and stamping line procedure;

 Sheet metal flexible punching

(1)A fixed punch can be equipped behind the mobile punch, fixed punch is able to carry a number of punching mould, which helps to improve production efficiency in the need of large punching or mass production;
Another function of fixed punch is that bending mold can be equipped, used for the demand of small bending, serving several purposes;

 Flexible shear and riveting

 Can be used with supporting software and systems;

 Information integration

 With intelligent terminal scanner to collect data, it achieves real-time maintenance and monitoring of production information.

Welding technology is and kind of joining bonding technique commonly used in the sheet metal products and welding structure products, and welding quality directly affects the product function. Huaya Company adopts different types of welding according to the structural characteristics of welding products; we enjoy high reputation in welding industry. We has a team of professional welding engineers, and pass the EN 15085-2 CL1 welding system certification.

With combination of flexible positioning welding tooling and positioning machine, Huaya reduces the cost of welding tooling inputs. In the trend of non-standard product customization, and the demand for multi-species and small batch production yet with short delivery, Huaya Company adopts flexible positioning welding tooling which is able to freely change the positioning structure according to different product structures, not only greatly reduces the manufacturing costs, but also to meets the requirement of multi-species and small batch production.

Huaya Company widely adopts the self-designed combined welding tooling technology of sheet metal laser cutting. In the sheet metal industry, it is common to use splicing welding technique of structural parts, but it has been always a kind of technical difficulty in the sheet metal industry in terms of how to ensure positioning dimension of each part and to avoid welding deformation in case that multiple parts need to be welded. The traditional method is to pre-set the processing amount of welding parts, and makes secondary processing after welding; the other way is to make welding tooling with thick sheet metal. However, it will result in high manufacturing costs and long processing cycle in case that small batch production with short manufacturing cycle is required. Huaya Company adopts the new 3D modeling method, at the same time of product process design, directly generates welding tooling with sheet metal according to the shape characteristics of welding structure; uses laser cutting with 5mm thick carbon steel plate, tooling parts with tenon structure positioning, and fix with stitching welding after splicing. This process can not only quickly complete the welding tooling, but also reduce the manufacturing costs.

Usually, metal surface treatment is the last process to complete a single product, including electroplating, anodization, sandblasting electrolysis, painting, electrostatic powder coating, and so on. With surface treatment, it can effectively improve the abrasion resistance, anti corrosion and anti oxidation, and increase the strength and anti-fatigue ability, and also improve the surface roughness, achieve the decorative nature and color as per customer demand. Hauya Company services a large number of downstream customers; customers can choose different surface treatments according to different product requirements.

Huaya Company is equipped superb spraying technology. Effective pre-treatment of the product substrate is the most important thing to ensure spray quality. In case of direct coating without complete clearance of the substrate grease, dirt, corrosion products, oxide skin, it will weaken the adhesion of the coating on the substrate, and the coating film is easy to peel off or results in various appearance defects. Therefore, Huaya Company introduced fully automated pre-processing lines, equipped with 18 pre-treatment heating sinks, 2 water drying furnaces, with automatic program control on the entire assembly line, different pre-treatment program can be set according to different materials, to achieve fully automatic assembly line operations from the base material loading to blanking e assembly line operations, so as to ensure complete surface treatment of base materials, and phosphating film is applied to ensure the spraying quality. In addition, the company has a number of automated spraying lines and dust-free spray room for large spray pieces, able to carry out electrostatic powder coating and paint spraying.

In 2017, Huaya Company is certified as a qualified supplier by the US company Applied Materials (AMAT).

The company has set up the quality department, under which there are quality control group, quality inspection group, quality control system group and statistic group. The quality control group includes supplier quality engineers and product quality engineers. The quality engineer is mainly responsible for below work contents: handling, tracking and improvement of the quality problems inside the company as well as from the customers and suppliers; control of the new product quality requirements; formulation of the quality inspection instructions; coordination management of unqualified products; and promotion and implementation of corrective measures. The quality inspection group is responsible for the implementation of the specific quality inspection work in accordance with the production plan, operating instructions and procedures, including incoming materials inspection, process inspection, and finished product inspection. At the same time, the company assigns quality inspection personnel at the customer site to solve the immediate needs of customers. Quality system control group is responsible for the management company's quality control documents and quality system audit, maintenance, and so on.


Quality Inspection Technology

1.Material detection technology

Material detection technology is able to carry out analysis of metal element composition, mechanical properties (hardness, tensile strength, yield strength, extensibility, and bending grade), atmospheric pressure test, water pressure test, negative pressure test, air tightness test, and so on. The company is equipped with Spectrocheck desktop direct reading spectrometer and hand-held fluorescence spectrometer, able to carry out screening and testing of various grades of stainless steel, aluminum and other materials in different environments. The company's material testing technology can provide a reliable basis for the development of new projects, meanwhile, we are able to carry out batch inspection on the applied materials, effectively improve the product processing stability and safety & reliability.

2.Production process detection technology

According to different customer requirements, the company carries out product quality inspection during each production process of precision manufacturing, and possesses key detection technology of special process. For instance, in the welding process, the company has accumulated the key detection technology of macro-mirror detection, welding penetration detection and ultrasonic flaw detection for welding process and welding products. In the spraying process, the company has established the pre-treatment testing laboratory for powder coating and painting, equipped with furnace temperature tester, high-precision electronic balance and other testing tools to ensure the spray process parameters, and is also equipped with a complete set of spray testing tools, including colorimeter, film thickness meter, resistance tester (for semiconductor equipment), salt spray tester, impact meter, and 100 grid tape tester, so as to ensure the quality of spray products.

In terms of high requirements of rail transport and transmission and distribution products on the dust, water and anti-collision, the company is equipped with helium mass spectrometry and has passed many tests and technological breakthrough, mastered key technology of air-tightness detection for the precision sheet metal products.

In terms of protection requirements of the semiconductor equipment products on the ESD (Electro-Static discharge), the company has carried out many tests and technological breakthrough, and masters the inspection technology of conductivity and adhesion performance of such products.






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