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Since the establishment, Huaya Company has been adhering to the corporate philosophy "Product Innovation based on Science and Technology, Service Brings up the Future, Honesty Creates Brand", imperceptibly passed the corporate value and business philosophy to employees, and created high-quality work, study and living environment for employees.

Huaya has created a large number of skilled technical personnel and experienced management talents, with a workforce of high cohesion and loyalty, which laid a solid foundation for the company to march into a broader competitive stage. The concept of "Accept Talented Pople from Everywhere " and the motto of "In place and Qualified is Talent" are firmly rooted in the hearts of employees, the company has established staff training system and issued a variety of incentive policies to inspire all Huaya to be innovative, so as to create a harmony enterprise.

Join Huaya, to know about Huaya, facing today, we strive to create and look to the future, we are full of confidence. Huaya people carry on the glory and dreams, with long-term planning, innovative technology, reliable quality, satisfactory delivery, and honest service, we create Huaya brand.

Huaya, to become one of the most powerful precision sheet metal and mechanical processing service providers in china, and move towards the world!



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